Speculative Warehouse Brendale QLD


  • Address: 25 Johnstone Rd, Brendale, Queensland
  • Developer: DJS Properties (QLD)
  • Tenant: Speculative
  • Builder: Niclin
  • Warehouse 1:4,000m²
  • Awning:1,360m²
  • Offices: 400m²
  • Pavement:5,590m²
  • Designed: 2023
  • Built: 2024
  • Steelwork Rate: 17.3kg/m²
  • Purlin/Girt Rate: 4.7kg/m²

Structural Features

This project features full height tilt panels (35t, 150mm thick, 9.8m high), clear span portal frames (39m wide), and a 5t gantry crane. The site is very sensitive to settlement and required improvement using HEIC (high energy impact compaction). The gantry crane covers approximately 30% of the warehouse, with the remaining steel warehouse area future proofed so the crane can extend to 100% of the warehouse.