Vince Williams Founder | Director

RPEQ NER CPEng MIEAust APEC IntPE(Aust) EC(Vic) BSP(Tas) BE (Hons)

Vince embodies drive, determination, hard work and the ability to succeed like no other. Whether it be in his engineering concepts, creating a sustainable business, his CrossFit skills or his unquenchable thirst for personal & leadership development.

With over 14 years’ experience in Structural Engineering, Vince has always embraced creativity, questioned the norms and challenged traditional ways of achieving his end goal.

A bit of a closet nerd, Vince loves to solve complex problems and get his hands dirty in the details. Being born and raised in the Adelaide Hills, he’s passionate about AFL (having also personally played for over 15 years) but in recent times he’s even more passionate about the human brain and learning how to master the mind through meditation.

Elise McDonald co-General Manager | Associate Engineer

RPEQ NER CPEng MIEAust BE (Hons 1)

There are three things that Elise holds near and dear in her life. Precision in her projects; logic and facts that fuel her technical fire; and adventurous days slogging it out through rough terrain on her mountain bike.

Elise is our technical guru at Tungsten Structures and the team go to when it comes to ensuring things are completed to the highest of standards. As Elise would say, “there’s a right way and a wrong way to get the job done, so let’s make sure we do it the right way.”

When Elise isn’t keeping us all on our technical toes, you’ll find her winning gold medals in mountain bike races all over the country and making friends with any doggos she lays her eyes on.

Adam Segrave co-General Manager | Senior Engineer

RPEQ RPEng BE (Hons)

As one of Tungsten’s experienced Senior Structural Engineers, Adam loves to get out and about to see our projects coming to life. An avid people person, Adam thrives on assisting with those nitty gritty on-site problems and helping his clients find practical solutions.

When Adam isn’t on site or working on some of our contemporary new designs, you’ll find him nursing his new born daughter in one arm whilst feeding the many animals on his growing homestead with the other. If you have a question about any possible hobby known to man, the chances are Adam can tell you about it. A master of beer brewing, coffee extraordinaire, running a homestead (complete with chickens, duck, geese and aquaponics), smoking meats and a self-confessed Subaru fan, there is pretty much nothing Adam can’t do. Oh and did we mention he is a trained chef? Yep he’s our jack of all trades, literally!

Michael King Senior Structural Engineer

RPEQ NER CPEng MIEAust BE (Hons 1)

Michael is one of the most patient, conscientious and reliable guys around town. Need someone who will always deliver? Michael is your guy.

Having worked in heavy industry structural engineering for over 5 years, Michael is now spreading his niche expertise across Tungsten building projects. Michael thrives on challenging the status quo and finding the most effective way to get the job done.

A mountain biking and football enthusiast (the soccer kind), as well as a devoted dog Dad to his cavoodle Alfie, Michael has got a breadth of talent, not to mention his freaky ten pin bowling abilities (make sure you ask him sometime).

Julian Chinn Structural Engineer

BE (Hons)

Julian has a thirst for absorbing all the technical components of Structural Engineering and he certainly adds value to all his projects. He is a team player by every definition, which is not surprising given his cricketing background. As a cricket die hard, he has both coached and played for over 12 years and even took his playing career over to the UK and bashed it out with the best of them in the home of cricket.

Julian’s also an avid country music fan, so you’ll often find him working on his engineering designs while listening to some country beats and in his spare time teaching himself this genre through playing the guitar and the harmonica.

Matthew Griffin Structural Engineer

BE (Hons)

Matt is always living the Tungsten team values by dedicating himself to continuous development and learning each day. An excel guru and forward thinker, Matt is always on the lookout for ways to not only improve himself but find efficiencies in our processes and ways to #support the wider team.

A curious and passionate member of our team, it was Matt's rural  upbringing in Far North Queensland on the family farm that sparked his interest of structures at a young age (however you definitely won't catch him listening to any country music). Matt takes pride in his work and is most satisfied with a job well done, unlike his preferred steak (medium rare if you were wondering). When's he's not at work, Matt loves to cook and spend time with friends over a couple of frosty bevvies and is a follower of all things sport related, particularly basketball and rugby.

Lahiru Kulathunga Graduate Structural Engineer

B.Optom M.Eng (Civil)

Lahiru always boosts the mood of the team with his positive energy no matter the weather (literally, since he is our first Melbourne based team member). His interest in engineering started due to his love of different structures from around the world. It’s the satisfaction of problem solving and getting into the intricate details of understanding how things work which gives him the buzz.

His eye for detail isn’t only useful for creating neat and clear sketches and efficient designs, but he also spends hours building model ships in his spare time. Lahiru’s dedication to his hobby may occasionally give him a sore back, but no need to worry about his eyes! Lahiru has studied and worked as an optometrist for 10 years. You’ll also often see Lahiru carrying his trusty mirrorless camera around always ready for a snap. His most memorable travel photos include capturing the beauty of northern lights in the Finnish subarctic wilderness, as well as the stars at night with Uluru in the background.

Celfrey Salamanes Tekla Manager

BSE (Phil.) CE Licence (PRC Phil.)

Celfrey is our Tekla expert and honestly one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. With over 14 years’ experience in all things engineering software, he loves to use his advanced technical knowledge to improve team processes and procedures. Celfrey pours his heart and soul into everything he does, from running our Tekla team to teaching the team the latest trends and tricks to make their jobs easier to volunteering for neighbourhood clean ups and education in his local community.

Celfrey is a dedicated family man and is at his happiest when he is spending time with his wife and daughter while cultivating his green thumb tending to his home garden.

Juergen Pamonag Senior Tekla Technician

BSE (Phil.) CE Licence (PRC Phil.)

Juergen is passionate about what he does as he loves seeing his modelling work come to life. A licensed Civil Engineer in the Philippines, with over 12 years experience as a design engineer, Juergen has a solid knowledge of Tekla through his 3D modelling of steel structures in the power plant industry. Over the years, Juergen’s extensive experience, attention to detail and drive enabled him to further challenge himself by successfully taking on team and project leadership roles. 

When he’s not busy generating high quality Tekla models, Juergen is a family man and you'll find him at home spending quality time with his wife, and two young children. Juergen enjoys travelling to spend time with family or watching anime and playing PC games.

Albert Bantay Tekla Technician

As the youngest of 6 siblings, Albert has always been driven to do his best in whatever he does. The end goal is to give back the support he’s received from his family over the years, allowing him to work towards his career goals. Albert’s extensive experience as a 2D and 3D fabrication detailer using Tekla Structures and Autocad software, has seen him handle fabrication detailing jobs of all sizes over the last 6 years, including spending time working in Japan.

In his spare time, Albert enjoys trying new foods (except seafood!) photography, reading, listening to podcasts and music as well as keeping his own blog up to date.  If he’s not busy doing any of that you will probably find him in the great outdoors, biking or taking on new challenges like hiking and as recent as 2019, Albert conquered one of the highest active volcanoes, Mt Fuji!

Jemma Cunanan Tekla Technician

Jem is our resident algebra queen and when she's not busy solving complex formulas she's learning from the team and building on her technical drafting skills. Jem loves nothing better than analysing plans and seeing a design through all stages of modelling to create an expert outcome. Believing that the key to success is 'to help each other out', Jem is always on-hand to help the team out wherever she can whilst learning as much as possible to hone her Tekla skills.

When Jem's not being a Tungsten Tekla ninja, you will find her at home spending time with her family of five, reading, watching movies (Jumanji is her favourite) or going hiking or camping with loved ones. If you are lucky enough, you might even catch her working on her singing!