Speculative Wacol QLD


  • Address: 149-153 Coulson Street, Wacol, Queensland
  • Developer: The GPT Group
  • Tenant: Speculative
  • Builder: Douglas Construction & Engineering
  • Warehouse:16,450m²
  • Awning:1,750m²
  • Offices: 800m²
  • Pavement:8,000m²
  • Designed: 2022
  • Built: 2023
  • Steelwork Rate: 11.4kg/m²
  • Purlin/Girt Rate: 6.15kg/m²

Structural Features

The warehouse structure is steel portal framed with concrete dado panel walls all supported on high level concrete footings with a fibre reinforced jointless slab on ground. The two offices consist of a combination of concrete columns on high level footings, flat plate and band beam suspended slab systems and steel first floor wall framing and roof. With close to 7-metre-high geogrid retaining walls located only 2m off the building line, detailed coordination with footing depths and loads was required with the D&C retaining wall contractor.