ResourceCo Hemmant QLD


  • Address: 126 Anton Rd, Hemmant, Queensland
  • Developer: Belmonde Developments
  • Tenant: ResourceCo
  • Builder: Vaughan Constructions
  • Warehouse:8,825m²
  • Offices: 175m²
  • Designed: 2023
  • Built: 2024
  • Steelwork Rate: 22kg/m²
  • Purlin/Girt Rate: 9.5kg/m²

Structural Features

This project consisted of a purpose-built facility for ResourceCo's resource recovery service. The warehouse portal structure had 2 free spanning portals, 40m and 57m. To optimise the steel, we incorporated a tapered column and haunch design, saving our client ~8% in steel for the portal frames compared to using typical WB/UB sections. The warehouse concrete floor was completely suspended to accommodate for the piles already installed on site from a previous design due to the challenging ground conditions.