GE Aviation Brisbane Airport QLD


  • Address: 34 Boronia Rd, Brisbane Airport, Queensland
  • Developer: Brisbane Airport Corporation
  • Tenant: GE Aviation
  • Builder: Tomkins Commercial & Industrial Builders
  • Warehouse:1,285m²
  • Offices: 2,000m²
  • Pavement:1,560m²
  • Designed: 2021
  • Built: 2022
  • Steelwork Rate: 20kg/m²
  • Purlin/Girt Rate: 4.8kg/m²

Structural Features

The project consists of a workshop and an adjoining 2 level office structure, used for machine maintenance and training. The workshop is clad with full height concrete wall panels supported by portal frames accommodating a 1t x 25m gantry crane. The office is first floor is constructed with composite steel and concrete slabs supported on metal decking. The building pad subgrade was "improved" via rigid ground inclusions. The ground slabs consist of a mix of fibre and conventionally reinforced and jointed slabs installed over the ground improvement.