Bapcor Redbank QLD


  • Address: 54 Monash Road, Redbank, Queensland
  • Developer: Goodman
  • Tenant: Bapcor
  • Builder: De Luca Corporation
  • Warehouse:42,500m²
  • Awning:6,100m²
  • Offices: 2,500m²
  • Pavement:14,500m²
  • Designed: 2021
  • Built: 2022
  • Steelwork Rate: 15.9kg/m²
  • Purlin/Girt Rate: 5.8kg/m²

Structural Features

Tungsten Structures partnered with the D&C builder from the bid design stage all the way through to practical completion. Key project features include a five span portal frame superstructure spanning 135m, a 26m super awning, 1,600m² suspended composite floors, 41,500m² jointless fibre slabs including 2,250m² of automated racking supported by a combination fibre and steel mesh slab. The warehouse is 305m long.