Value Engineering

At Tungsten Structures we pride ourselves on our value engineering, a process where we take an existing design and apply our creative engineering acumen to significantly improve these for our clients.

The result is an engineering design that is more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, all whilst maintaining the high performance and functionality of the design that our clients expect.

Here's what this means for our clients

At Tungsten Structures, we are known for our highly specialised expertise in the industrial and "big-box" retail sectors. We understand the industry specific, critical design elements that differentiate our expert designs from the market one-size fits all standard offering. We are pragmatic, solution oriented, innovative and focused on the project critical issues that are key to our client’s success, meaning no over-engineering and no shortcuts.

How do we do this?

Firstly, we use our highly specialised engineering skills to understand where other designs may fall short i.e. where a design might have over-complicated the concepts, used outdated approaches or simply a robotic, one-size fits all approach to engineering design.

We then step back to look at a project with fresh eyes and without constraints. This allows us to meticulously put a design together with much more efficient structural framing concepts and construction methodologies.

What's the end result?

The outcome of this service for our clients is actual quantifiable value provided through the savings of raw construction materials, costs and minimised environmental impacts.

We do all this, whilst always maintaining all of our designs strictly within the principle project requirements. This ensures that safety is paramount, risks are mitigated and the budgets between the preliminary design and the finished product are maintained.

Our Value Engineering

Our value engineering gives our clients a competitive edge in the market, allowing them to not only save on construction materials and costs but to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Toowoomba Regional Council Principal Depot

Location: Toowoomba

D&C Builder & Client: McNab

Value: $50M

Size: 20,000 SQM

Value Engineering: Engineered out a suspended concrete slab and introduced a composite slab design


  • 395 T Australian Structural Steel

  • 135 T Australian Cold Rolled Purlins & Girts

  • 105T Australian Roof & Wall Sheeting


  • 180 T steelwork

  • 60m3 concrete

  • = 344 T CO2 emissions saved

Woolworths Distribution Centre

Location: Adelaide

D&C Builder & Client: Woolworths | Hutchinson Builders

Value: $57M

Size: 19,600 SQM across three warehouses | 30,800 SQM Hardstand

Value Engineering: Alternate (more direct) load paths leading to more efficient design opportunities. Utilising unique wind shielding and internal pressures from different directions as indicated by the existing structures.


  • 400 T Australian Structural Steel

  • 113 T Australian Cold Rolled Purlins & Girts

  • 100 T Australian Roof & Wall Sheeting

  • 40 T Australian Structural Steel Plates


  • 400 T steelwork

  • 523m3 concrete

  • = 942 T CO2 emissions saved

5/15 Seeana Place

Location: Heathwood, Queensland

D&C Builder & Client: Douglas Construction & Engineering

Value: $5M

Size: 4,500 SQM

Value Engineering: Addition of a transfer beam which reduced steelwork, and the use of a fibre slab on ground.


  • 70 T Australian Structural Steel

  • 43 T Australian Cold Rolled Purlins & Girts

  • 25 T Australian Roof & Wall Sheeting


  • 21.5 T steelwork

  • 247m3 Concrete

  • = 130 T CO2 emmissions saved

Here's what some of clients have to say...

Value Engineering Impacts

As a direct result of our more efficient value engineered designs, we can calculate the total number of tonnes of CO2 saved from being emitted into the environment through reductions in the raw materials on a project.

The total number of CO2 tonnes then directly correlates to the number of dollars that we donate to various charities throughout the year via our corporate social responsibility program.

A win-win for both our clients and the environment!